World War 2 total deaths as percentage of population with Soviet Union per republic

the existence of men is a threat to women please educate yourselves uwu

Without men you wouldn’t be alive.

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[;ays on you]

strikes a pose

hello masha

重力を操る男 VS 壁



"Fine, if you can make me scream, I’ll scream. But I still expect to get some out of you at some point." 

As she feels him moving against her, she moans and clenches his hair even more tightly. A smirk comes to her lips as they kiss, and she decides to bite his lower lip. It wasn’t enough to draw blood, just enough to be sensual. Her hands push his face even closer.

{ ♞—; }

     ”On the same note, if you can make me loud, I’ll be loud. Although, I’ll definitely not be as loud as you. There’s a limit on how far I can go with that.”

                     { He moans, fairly quietly, as she bites his lip.
                       His hands move to her skirt, slowly pushing it
                       up, before his hands move to her inner thighs,
                       and he starts to gently stroke them, his fingertips
                       teasingly close to her underwear. He breaks the
                       kiss after another moment, shifting down so he
                       can kiss her neck—he doesn’t bite, or suck, or
                       anything like that, he just presses slow and
                       gentle open-mouthed kisses to her skin. }

I’m alive


"Oh, so I can lose my voice screaming your name, but you can’t do the same? I see how this is. And I don’t really think my voice is going to be ‘sweet’ if I’m doing that, you know."

She grinned and allowed him to move her legs, only giving a little resistance to make it more fun. She stroked his cheek with one finger slowly. “Of course I’m happy. And I know you are too.” As he began to kiss her, she dug her fingers into his hair, tugging it lightly, as her legs moved up and wrapped around his waist.

{ ♞—; }

     ”I would absolutely love for your to scream my name that loud. I’ll let myself moan a little next time, okay? If that’s what you want me to do. Looks like we’ve both got things to work on.”

             { He grins as she strokes his cheek, chuckling slightly. }

     ”I'm glad you are, darling.”

            { He gets even rougher as she starts tugging at his
              hair, taking it as encouragement. His hands move
              from her legs to her hips, taking a firm hold of them
              —not the the extent that it’ll cause her pain, but he
              certainly isn’t going easy. Just to test the atmosphere
              a little, he rolls his hips forward, grinding off her, as
              he bites on her lower lip. }

Ew gross. Aleksandr ur gross. Gross }}

never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy 

and disgusting hands

and straw legs

you get the point