[ sighs ]

Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, jackass.

You’re awfully kind today, Kolya.

Am I not even allowed to drop by? I’ll be out of your hair shortly. 

Maybe your dick is so short because you took 3/4 of it and shoved it up your personality
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Actually I shoved it up your mother and she’s so fucking huge I’ve never found it again.

Tell her I left the money on the table, will you? 

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crush was being a dork again omfg


That sounds like a lovely and perfect way to spend it, really. *There’s a soft smile on her face* It was wonderful. I still remember it. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. *She chuckles* Yes, that’s true. If you weren’t cock—I mean, confident, you wouldn’t be Aleksandr. *She stays still for a moment as he breathes on her, but then starts to shift* You’re coming to the back too, aren’t you?

*He laughs a little at that, lightly and airily* Neither can I. It doesn’t feel like a year, does it? But at the same time, I do suppose it does—I feel like I’ve loved you for years. If that makes sense. *He laughs again, but it’s fake and sarcastic* How lovely. You either genuinely think that I’m cocky, or you’re already thinking about what you’ll get later. With you, maybe it’s a bit of both. *He nods, kissing her quickly once more* Of course I am. I’m letting you go first, though.


It is, yes, and I’m looking forward to that night. I’m sure it will be lovely. *She laughs a bit, a teasing smirk still on her face, though she knows he’s probably right* Mm, you’re quite confident then? *Before she can say anything else, though, he’s kissing her, and forcing her down a bit. She enjoys the kiss, but has to pull back for air eventually, and to speak* Won’t this be easier in any place other than the front seats? You might hit something on the gear shift, dear.

Would you like to go out for dinner? Maybe take a walk through the park where I told you I loved you. That was wonderful. *He raises an eyebrow, that smile still spread across his features* Of course. When am I not? I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t confident. *As she pulls back, he smiles again, but he doesn’t make any effort to move away. He stays where he is, letting her feel his breath on her lips* That’s true. How about you move into the back for me? We can do it there. 


Mm, that’s a nice thing, isn’t it? We can make sure our surprises for each other are things the other will like, yes? *She pauses to think about this for a moment, before smiling at him and giving a small nod* Yes, I think I can handle that. *And a smirk comes back* But can you, dear? Surely you can only handle so much Lily at once.

Certainly. And, you know, our anniversary isn’t too far off now, is it? I’m sure we’ll have a good night then. *He smiles back at her, a hint of arrogance to it* You think so? Mh. I’ll stop if you can’t, okay? Maybe. *He rubs at her thigh again, laughing a little* I’m positive I can. It won’t be too hard. You usually end up more exhausted than I do, anyway. Let’s get started, shall we? *Then he leans in to take a kiss from her, feeling he’s waited long enough with all of her teasing*


*As he leans in, however, she pulls back, just to tease him more. She pulls back all the way and smirks at him, her eyes meeting his* The idea is enticing, yes. I think it sounds exciting. And you know I like excitement. *She leans in to kiss him again, her teeth tugging on his lower lip as she pulls back to speak* So, does this mean we’ll have to move to the back seat? Or are we doing it outside?

*He frowns a little as she pulls all the way back, but it turns into a small smirk at her words* I know exactly what you like. We’ve been together long enough for me to figure these things out. You know what I like as well, I’m sure. *His eyes close again as she kisses him, only to open again as his lip is pulled* That depends on where you want to do it, darling. We could do it both ways, I suppose. If you can handle two rounds. 


*She shakes her head with a sigh* Do I need to teach you sometime? I’m willing to do that, you know. *Her eyes go to his hand on her thigh, before she looks up at him with a slight smirk, leaning over to give him a light, teasing kiss* My dear Aleksandr Vladimirovich, are you trying to seduce me into making love in your car like a pair of wild, young lovers?

No, no, it’s okay. I’m not atrocious. I’m just not the best. On my roads, I’m actually deemed pretty decent. Just not in other countries. *He returns the kiss, leaning in a little further in an attempt to deepen it. His hand begins to lightly stroke her thigh, teasing her just as she’s doing to him. As she speaks, his eyes flicker open just slightly, gazing at her through lidded eyes* I may be, yes. Does the idea excite you, Lily? Because it excites me. You can moan as loud as you want, out here. There’s no neighbours to wake up.