If anybody has a favourite piece of art please submit it here okay and please use the submit template okay thank you.


i’m starting a blog for art

please stop me


i’m starting a blog for art

sokissuvilkais replied to your post: imagine your muse having a human famil…

{ why would you hurt me this way }

no but the worst bit

imagine them slowly beginning to notice the grey in their partner’s hair, how they’re beginning to move a little slower, watching the wrinkles begin to form on their face and just

denying it to the best of their ability

and feeling so, so terrible for being immortal and having to leave all this behind and knowing at some point, some day, they’ll inevitably forget all about the family and they might even have a new one

imagine your muse having a human family and being completely and utterly in love with all of them and then

slowly watching them get old

and holding their spouse’s hand as they passed away

and attending the funeral of their own kids


John & Boris Mollo’s recreation of an imperial Russian uniform from the late Romanov dynasty. 

When you finish working on a page and by the time you’re back your friend is gone and you’re like



Cities and nations setting up email like

'Date of birth… Shit. Where's my secretary. How old do I look?'

And having to use math to figure out what year they look like they were born in because 1204 doesn’t really work bc the computer thinks you’re lying


World’s heaviest drinkers. A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) looked at levels of alcohol consumption in its 194 member states

why can’t the appearance page write itself