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Aleksandr seals his letters with wax.


This position makes her feel safe, and loved, and she never wants to leave it now. The world could end, and she would be happy just curled up against him like this. His words make her smile more, and she does her best to give him at least a light kiss on his neck. “I want to do all of that with you too. That all sounds so perfect, when I think about us doing it together.”

She closes her eyes as he twirls her hair, humming for a few seconds. “I know you can. I’m not too worried about it. We’ll figure such things out when we need to.” She opens her eyes again, this time to look at him pleadingly. “But I wouldn’t want to see a dead bear. Must you really kill them? You know the bear is…it’s like my symbol, right? It’s on my flag, after all.”

His running a thumb on her cheek doesn’t help to get rid of the color, but at least it hasn’t made it worse. “Letters like that sound so romantic. I would love to exchange them, especially if it will help your German. I keep up with my Russian, after all, so perhaps you should return the action, yes?”

( A. ) — ;;


                     { The feeling is mutual. It’s moments like these, the small, quiet and tender ones, which really do make him wish he wasn’t bound by his responsibilities as a nation. Had he not been, he could stay with her like this for days on end. He smiles as she kisses his neck, returning it with a playful kiss to the top of her head. }

                ❝ It’s not like we’re short on time. We’ve got the
                       rest of our lives, which are substantially longer
                       than regular humans. We can do all of these things,
                       they’re not simply lofty dreams which we’ll never get
                       around to. That fills me with joy, I swear. Knowing I’ll
                       get to live out dreams with you. If we do get married,
                       though, where would you like to spend our honeymoon?
                       What kind of house would you like to live in? Tell me
                       about your wishes. 

                    { He continues to play with it, gently winding strands around his fingers. If he knew how, he would braid it, but he can’t remember exactly how to go about something of that nature. }

                ❝ You may have forgotten that they’re my national
                        animal. But not every bear carries some form of
                        national significance. They’re not even endangered.
                        You shouldn’t pick and choose with a hunt. You take
                        what comes. 

                    { He then takes both of his hands to her cheeks, cupping her face in between. He leans in to place a kiss to her forehead, murmuring his words against her skin. }

                ❝ Perhaps, yes, that sounds fair. Come to think of it,
                       I’ve seldom seen your handwriting. I’m willing to bet
                       it’s beautiful. You seem like the kind of woman that
                       would have gorgeous writing. I—I’m actually looking
                       forward to this. It should be lovely. 

                    { There’s a smile crossing his face, and he moves so he can gaze into her eyes for a moment, before kissing her lips. }

                                   ❝ I’ll treasure your letters. 


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She’s only slightly taken aback by his reaction, as she had guessed he would act that way. “No, of course not. But you were asking how it felt, so I wasn’t sure…Never mind, don’t worry about it.” As though to reassure him that she means nothing of it, she kisses him lightly on the lips. Her squirming stops when he kisses her though, and she’s lost in the moment. After it, she’s smiling again, and resumes tracing little circles on him. “Don’t play innocent with me, Aleksandr. I know you know what I’m talking about.”

He seems about to say something else, but he falls silent for a moment, huffing. He’s clearly quite frustrated, despite trying to mellow it down somewhat. “Why would I need to ask you how it felt if I was that way inclined? I just wanted to know, because I honestly can’t quite comprehend how having something rammed in and out of your body could possibly be pleasant. I’ve got no drive to experience it myself, it’s disgusting. When it’s a man, at least.” He’s well aware that she means nothing, but he does feel the need to defend and justify himself to a certain degree. Aggravation aside, he’s definitely not one to complain about the sudden influx of kisses form her. He sighs as she resumes drawing those little circles, beginning to understand why it seems to relax her so much when he does it to her. “This makes a change, doesn’t it? Me playing innocent. Of course I know what you mean, darling. And if I didn’t know you as well as I do, I might’ve accused you of coming on to me so soon after we’ve finished.”

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"Well…I can’t imagine you would know what it’s like. Unless you’ve had it done to you, but…I can’t imagine you have." She hopes he hasn’t, at least, but she’ll keep it to herself. "Mm…" Unfortunately, she only seems to squirm a little more at those words, and looks away, out the window. "I know, but it’s hard not to, when we’re talking about this." Her eyes meet his as he looks back at her, and a grin tugs at her lips. "I think you know exactly what it means, dear."

He’s silent for a moment; the loving, yet teasing, look that had covered his features a moment ago morphing into one of disgust, and a little bit of shock that she would assume such a thing of him. “No. Of course not. I—I’m not some sort of fag.” He’s unsure how she’ll react to his words, but it’s out in the open now, and he can’t exactly do anything to take it back. He’s able to smile a little at her continued squirming, at least, and he leans in to kiss her once more, deeply and passionately. “We don’t have to talk about it.” His smile mirrors her, just a slight hint of it crossing his face as he speaks. “What if I don’t?”