Twenty-first. Night. Monday.
Silhouette of the capitol in darkness.
Some good-for-nothing — who knows why—
made up the tale that love exists on earth.

People believe it, maybe from laziness
or boredom, and live accordingly:
they wait eagerly for meetings, fear parting,
and when they sing, they sing about love.

But the secret reveals itself to some,
and on them silence settles down…
I found this out by accident
and now it seems I’m sick all the time.

Twenty First. Night. Monday by Anna Akhmatova  (via allpacuh)

Joni just described aph Russia as hot and I’ve never heard her call somebody hot before and

It was weird

Dmytro is going to break Aleksandr in half goodbye

Lily can have his remains


She only rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue at him for that. But then she snorted and laughed. “Jeopardize your career? Sasha, I highly doubt they could just fire you. What are they going to do? Go grab the next Russian on the street and interview him to see if he’ll make a nice personification? Ah, but don’t worry. I wouldn’t want you to have to face the embarrassment of them yelling you for something I’ve done. I love you.”

She’s relaxed on top of him, and it seems like she won’t be leaving this position for a while. She swears she could just fall asleep like this, if they weren’t still talking to each other. “Ah, it’s fine. I understand. Yes, I think that’s the term for it.” She yawned silently. “Watching the stars was nice.”

( A. ) — ;;

{ He forces a smile as she laughs, eager not to dampen the warm, gentle mood that had settled between them. }

             ❝ I— well,  there are two. Two personifications of my nation
                     at the current moment that I am aware of. One being myself,
                     the other being my younger brother Danya. Who I do not believe
                     you have had the pleasure of meeting yet. They would be capable
                     of, at least, throwing me from my government job. He would be
                     able to take it in my position. Also, I don’t want any of my colleagues
                     to hear any of this, alright? I love you too. 

{ As he lies there, he does feel an odd sense of fatigue setting in, but not to the extent where he wishes to act upon it quite yet. He’s almost certain that she’s growing tired, but he doesn’t mention it, simply because he’s enjoying their current conversation. }

             ❝ As long as you’re okay, I do believe we should leave that in
                      the past. There’s no use in speaking of it now when there’s
                      nothing we can do for it. 

{ He laughed at her yawn, rubbing her back a little as he closed his eyes once more. }

             ❝ Certainly. You seemed to enjoy it. You—you were more
                     captivating than the sky was. We really will have to go
                     on that trip soon. The stars are much more beautiful out
                     in the open. 

A. ) — ;;


             ❝ If you’re accusing my dearest older brother of “sexism”
                      then perhaps all the women involved should come to
                      me instead. What could you see in a Dill, anyway?
                      Nothing, I assume, save for a bad haircut. 

             ❝ I’m kidding, of course. I’m taken and I’m not leaving for
                                              a feminist of all things

It was a while ago but DIMA’S FC has hands exactly like I imagine Dima’s. Its surreal. I’ll post a picture }}


also remember that if you rip-off my muse then yours will literally never be as good as mine?? goodbye poser.


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